Special Lightings Exclusive from 7events

Sound & Musical Events from 7events

DJ Sound Lights, Orchestra, Music Systems, Classical Concerts by Professionals, Laser Show with reputed performers from 7events . For - Wedding, Receptions, Engagement , Birthdays,Corporate Events, Sangeet Sandhya with Bollywood Hindi ,Regional Language Kannada, Tamil, Telugu Songs .
Karaoke, Western Classical, Punjabhi Dhol, Dholak , Wagon Orchestra Band, Orchestra Band, Band Set, Band Wagon Violin, Indian , Western Classical , Rock Band , Solo Instrumental Players , Santoor , Flute, Saxophone, Keyboard , Tabala, Nadaswaram, Fusion Instrumental, Gazal , Jugalbandi , Kerala Drums , Interactive Drumming Event , Solo Singers

DJ Night

New Year Celebration for a corporate company.DJ console, Sound system, DJ, Lights, Backdrop MCEE from 7events and guests from across the world.

Oerlicon a German based company

Had 10th year Anniversary with all guests across the globe - DJ, Dance, Deco, Furnishing, Lights,Special Round table arrangements , Entertainments, MCee, Special acts from 7events. All theme based concepts. Bommasandra Industrial Area near Electronic city.

Dole, Dolak

Bhangra Punjabi Players, Performers, Singers ,Turbans, Pagadi Wala for Baraat


Tulunadu Melm Kerala Drum Group Music Performance for wedding,Inaugurations.

Mini Rock Band

Team for Birthdays, Receptions, Corporate Events from 7events

Bharati Axa

Corporate Event with heavy DJ set up and special Effects lightings for fabulous bash. DJ consol, Light Consol DMX , Sound Mixer 16 channel , Top, Base, JPL , Changeover, Mics, Cordless and cholar mics, Dimmer Packas. RJ Prithvi compared the event.

Classical Music

For wedding by Flute and Tabala professional entertainment Indian Music by 7events for wedding reception and celebrational events.Signature deco, Music, Lights, Candid Photogrpahy, Video , Album, Music was managed by 7events in house. Held in Taj Vivanta Trinity Circle.

Classical Royal Traditional

Classical Royal Traditional Bugal Performers for Welcome, Prosessions Events


Professional Orchestra Group with Male , Female , Chorus and Instruments
Wedding reception for Brahmin community Wedding in Malleshwaram Ubhaya Vedant Hall . Deco and Music from 7events.

Professional Fabulous Singers Services - Karaoke

Western Classical Instrumental Music

Violin , Saxophone , Guitar , Drums 7events Reception Musical Night

DJ Equipments

A fun Based Video for you

English Song Punjabi Dhol RemiX Njoy ( not from 7events )



Event management Bangalore planner Decoration Flower


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