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Namakaran Backdrop Stage Decoration

Many people make the Naming Ceremony Stage Decoration similar to a wedding!!! 7events breaks and brings a concept to go with Baby's event. When guest arriveto the event they must feel it like a Baby Naming ceremony Reception and Not wedding Reception.We use baby dolls, props to make a very contemporary design for babies event. We can also include Baloons matching with the theme depending on concept. An elegant cradle must be well done and Nameboard to be highlighted in the decoration than anything else.We have Indian ethnic style, Western Style, Fusion Style, Self defined stage flpwer based and non Flower based decoration. For Baptism we make decoration with Balloons, Drapes and beautiful Candles and Fairy LIghts . Generally the Cristians will chose soft colours like White, Lavendor and Peach colors. These photos are for reference to customers and we can modify the colour themes. We can also change the colours of flowers sets, type of flowers to match your taste. 7events follows unique concept theory of visualizing the decoration and avoids conventional decorations which are made out of scrap looking reused statues, fibre moulds,dull looking fibre Motif Arches and nameboards, hitting colour draping etc..

Signature Snow Glow Theme Flower Peacock Rose Cradle Crescent Moon Concept Rose Flower Name Fonts Board Sharaton Bangalore 7events Naming Ceremony

Blue Cradle Peacock Theme LOTUS Flower Cradle for naming-ceremony Signature Cradle - 7events creation in White-Houzz HSR-Layout

Decoration done for 60th Year Birthday of a gentlemen thrown by his son at New Bhagini Koramagala - Indranagar Bangalore indoor in a banquet Hall.

Canopy Style Decoration : Canopy, Decoration with Flowers and Lights, Thailand Baskets hangings, Moon - Crescent with Cradle, cusion, Special Theme Nameboard , FLoor Carpet, Stage Border, Door Entrance deco, Roadside Welcome Arch were done here in Samskriti - Jayanagar 3rd South End.

Out-Door Naming Ceremony Indian South-North Traditional Classic Marigold Yellow Orange Naming Ceremony Garden Resort by 7events - cradle ceremony coconut groove

Blue & Silver color which looks very elegant than Blue and White Conventional Combination. The Silver Nameboard creatively done with Baby Name. It is Canopy style with Moon Cradle. The flowers are only white and Blue shades. The suitable cool white lights add up the great look and feel to high light the deco elements enhancing beauty and making it photogenic. Specially Created for your baby. Naming ceremony with cradle.

Canopy Style Decoration : Canopy, Decoration with Flowers and Lights, Thailand Baskets hangings, Moon - Crescent with Cradle, cusion, Click the image below to See more Photos of the Same Design "CHAND GODIYU" Theme Cradle Ceremony Decoration Photos. The Saffron and Beige has made the brightest and most beautiful combination with mixed soft colours flowers matching the backdrop screen. Specially visualised to get the exact output needed.Natural sticks are used to give a modern and contemporary decoration of flowers. Combination of roundish flowers and spike flowers with sticks gives a different arrangement feel for the cradle and the crescent flowering. A Baby Naming was done at home with full of drapes inside the home in Banashanki Bangalore. Designed and executed exclusively by 7events Creative Team.

Hosur Road Sahar Pavillion , Naming Ceremony of Tamil Community , Creative Nameboard, Canopy Style Deco with Cradle , Bangalore


Elements of Naming Ceremony

Pooja, Homa, Rituals, Anna Prashna (Feeding Hard food for the first time) conventionally from Naming ceremony time. Cradle Decoration , Stage Decoration, Special Nameboard to make the Name public .Classical Music to play during the event as the crowd feels humming and give a festival feel. Since it is a happy event there could be entertainment events as well. The entire moment to be captured by the Still photography ( Candid Photo) and Video. A welcome board can be put at the entrance. We facilitate for simple to grand, elegant theme nameboards a design meaningful to the name that goes well with the theme look and feel. Dolly to carry the kid to make special Unveiling of Nameboard & Special Entry. Carriage can be used to make a small or bug procession to welcome the baby with mother to the stage. Special Baby Printed Album is all time need for the customers. Purohit / Archak/ Poojari/ Bhat will conduct the rituals part . 7events can give reference such pandits for the naming ceremony for an auspicious occasion. Babyhood Gallery Tunnel, Baby Invitation Cards.



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