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Birthday Girl Decoration

The decoration are made with best artist keeping the quality and richness. Since photography is one of our prime service the decoration are made in such a way that the backdrop will look beautiful, non reflective and rich. The decorations will include backdrop the theme character cutouts, theme deco elements. Adding lights to the deco will immensely beautify the deco. We have all range costing from basic to super rich themes. We can also make drapes and cartoon mix concepts as we do a lot of exclusive drape works. Most of the themes are western style. We have made extensive research and have come with very professional decorations which are admitted and applauded by our belved customers with showers of praises. We can also make costume designs of any references as we have very good designers and art visualizers.

Cartoon Based

Birthday Decoration for Girl Babies – Kids are Fairies themes like tinkerbell , tumbalina, Pricess themes likes cinderella, snowhite 7 7dwarfs , Frozen Elsa, Anna, sleeping beauty, Beauty and beast Bella. Sofia, Little Mermaid
Some of the common comic type themes are junglebook, doremon, chota bheem,Bambi, Ice age,

Genric Theme

Butterfly themes, Flower Themes, Candy

Drape & Flower Based

Chariot Based, ShowGlow, Show Flakes , There are plenty of decorations that you can chose from as much as 30 color choice combination .The drapes can be of many color choice from western colors like pink, lavender, silver, peach to any Indian colors like red, gold, maroon.


Castle Themes, Small World, Candy Theme

Balloon Based

  • Balloon always ads a lot of glitter to the event if used in thematic way.
  • Balloon arches can be raised in the entrances and at the photo-booth
  • Balloon bunches can spread across the venue and gives a completing look and feel
  • Its cost effective as well.
  • Balloon pillars again make a great appeal to give a celebration feel and looks filled
  • Floating Helium balloons expensive but gives a great elegance to the ambiance
  • These balloon elements are included in the theme deco packages and can be added to any other custom package.

  • Other Elements

  • The Theme deco elements can be made more fantasy by having theme tickets for entry,

  • Theme invitation card, theme entrance , Theme T shirts for artists

  • Theme color costume can be mentioned in the invitation card.
  • Theme Decoration Cake

  • Theme Photo-booth , Selfie Booth, Theme Wish Tree

  • Theme Drapes, Bow, Sash to chairs and Round tables if any.

  • Theme Album Design .
  • The chair Center Piece can be thematic for example, butterflies were kept for every chair and round table.

  • Theme decoration based print for every round table.
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